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Teaching Resourcefulness

Inspiring ways to bring the skill of resourcefulness to your student in the classroom or at home.

Resourcefulness nook

Create a Resourceful Space

  • What does being resourceful mean? It means achieving goals by finding and using the things you have at hand. By creating a dedicated space in the classroom that’s stocked with useful tools and materials – a resourcefulness nook – students can experiment, overcome challenges and make connections by using what’s available to them.

  • The satisfaction of solving problems by being resourceful can be a powerful motivator – learning to “do it yourself” sparks creativity, and expands independence. Scotch™ Brand products can help your resourcefulness nook become an endlessly flexible innovation space for students to explore and express their everyday ingenuity.

Tape Hacks for the Classroom

  • Create Your Own Presentation Board
    Create Your Own Presentation Board

    We all know and love the standard three-fold board that’s been used in science fairs for eons. Inspire your students to create their own board that will stand out from the crowd. Provide recycled cardboard to cut out custom shapes, and paint and piece together a unique presentation board using Scotch® Heavy Duty Shipping Tape. Laminate images for extra durability, and apply them to the presentation board using Scotch® Double Sided Tape for a solid stick.

  • Make Your Own Calendar
    Make Your Own Calendar

    Whether you’re a classic Julian fan or prefer to stick with the tried-and-true Gregorian, making your own calendar with materials in the resourcefulness nook will keep your schedule on track and uniquely your own. Use Scotch® Expressions Tape to create a decorative grid, and hang it up for maximum admiration with Scotch™ Multi-Purpose Fasteners.

  • Resourcefully Wrap Textbooks
    Resourcefully Wrap Textbooks

    Ah, that magical time of year when bells are ringing and we come together to joyfully wrap … textbooks. OK, so it’s not as exciting as holiday gifts, but protecting books can be a lot more fun for your students than the usual paper bag treatment. Provide Kraft Wrap to protectively wrap each book, and Scotch™ Washi Tape, ribbon and other quick decorations to personalize their books at the resourcefulness nook.

  • Mending Books and Folders
    Mending Books and Folders

    A big part of learning to be resourceful is developing the skills to repair and reuse things, instead of replacing them. When your students’ textbooks develop some wear and tear over the course of the year, they can use the resourcefulness nook as a repair shop. Scotch® Magic™ Tape can fix page tears and disappear seamlessly, and it’s also great for mending ripped folders and reinforcing failing book bindings.

Teaching Resourcefulness Pinterest Board – Erin Wing

Teaching Resourcefulness

  • We’ve partnered with Erin Wing – mom, teacher, and avid Pinner – to curate a Pinterest board focusing on resourcefulness, creativity, and problem-solving for kids. Check out the board for great maker space ideas, arts and crafts projects and other inspiration to create your own Resourcefulness Nook.

  • Erin Wing

    About Erin Wing

    Erin Wing is a mom of three boys, and a former elementary school teacher. She is passionate about literacy, and exploring creative ways to reinforce school learning with activities at home. She is the creator of the website homeliteracyblueprint.com, and is a self-described Pinterest obsessive.

  • There’s so much more than just paper to tape. Discover creative, deceptively simple ways to solve everyday problems with tape.